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Take a behind-the-scenes look at the past, present, and future of IT Service Management and set your organization on a path to World-Class Service Desk and ITSM!

This guide contains 6 Core and 12 World-Class processes each of which is described in chapters that provide a logical view of the element itself and why it is important to the organization, along with a flexible process model that can be adapted to most businesses and how the process works in practice—plus proven and practical models and Tips for Success from high-performing organizations on implementing the process. The technical content takes a mid-level view to be useful to a broader group of readers and is complemented by other relevant chapters, including:
•A Brief History of IT Service Management
•Understanding ITIL, COBIT, and ISO
•The Consumerization of IT
•Making Sense of Cloud and On-Premise
•Enterprise Service Management
•A Culture of Excellence
•An Approach to Leverage Technology
•The Exploration of Service Automation
The Practical Guide to World-Class IT Service Management also examines the future of IT service management and where this exciting journey is likely to lead.

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